Henri Ehrhart - Vins d'Alsace - domaine familial

It’s all in the family

Our story starts with our parents. Through their passion, determination, and patience, they elevated Henri Ehrhart to the status of a top Alsace family winery.

We’ve teamed up as a sibling partnership, and it’s now our turn to share Alsace wine with the world. We aspire to make our wines both exceptional and accessible.

Following this vision, we share our quest for excellence with a first-class team to continuously improve our products and innovations.

Our wines are our true calling, and we hope that they’ll inspire you.

Our wines

Explore our collection of Alsace wines, true reflections of our terroir and expertise.


A blend of sensory pleasures. We have pioneered the craft of made-in-Alsace bottles by combining bottle art with wine tasting. Our first Ehrh’Art release was created with Aurélie Andrès.